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Mission Statement

The Arizona Dental Hygienists’ Association constantly works to increase access to oral health care for all citizens of Arizona. Our mission is to improve the public’s health, and to advance the art and science of dental hygiene.

AzDHA is the professional association of Registered Dental Hygienists and constantly works to increase access to oral health care for all citizens of Arizona. We also strive to protect and increase recognition, growth and public awareness of the profession of dental hygiene and professional dental hygienists.

Annual Membership Dues


OPTION 1: Payment in full

• Joining by Jan. 1st -Best time to have member benefits for whole year!
• Recent Graduates– transition student membership ASAP after graduation


OPTION 2: Payment by Quarterly Installments

• Payments are divided into 4 equal payments
• Example: $314(total dues)/4 quarterly payments = $78.50 per quarter
• A processing fee of $3/ quarter would be added = $81.50 per quarter
Current members can switch to the quarterly payment plan by contacting ADHA member services at (312)440-8900 or online at www.adha.org
• Payment is offered by electronic payment with a credit card- no checks
• Payment will be automatically withdrawn from your credit card on the above dates
• You will receive an electronic notice 45 days prior to each installment withdrawal date
• If no payment is received, you will be dropped from the installment plan 45 days after payment was due
• If your credit card changes at any time during the year you must notify ADHA member services of this change as soon as possible



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** All fees/dues are subject to change. Please check with the AzDHA corporate office for up to date information.