Advance our profession and support our members’ success in order to improve oral and overall health.

Mission Statement

The Arizona Dental Hygienists’ Association’s mission is to advance our profession and support our members’ success in order to improve oral and overall health.

Our Vision

We envision that dental hygienists will integrate into the healthcare delivery system as essential primary care providers.


AzDHA “serve’s the components in their jurisdictions by informing them of national policies and programs, monitoring legislation and providing continuing education” (ADHA, Organizational Structure, 2017).

Meet the Board

Pamela Larrabee, RDH, BAS, MA


Rio Salado Community College, Arizona State University;
MA from Northern Arizona University

Industry Volunteerism:
Board member and fund raiser for local component—Central Arizona Dental Hygienists’
Association (CADHA)
Communications committee for Arizona Dental Hygienists’ Association (AzDHA)
Communications Chair for AzDHA
American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) Delegate
Board Member at Large for AzDHA

I have spent 10 years as a dental assistant and 20 years as a dental hygienist in clinical
practice. Currently, I am a clinical instructor while still practicing in private practice.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma



Education: Certificate in Dental Hygiene: University of Michigan

Expanded Functions License: Sacramento City College

Professional License: Arizona and California

Industrial Volunteerism:
AzDHA President, 2007-2008
ADHA Delegate and Alternate Delegate
CADHA Newsletter Editor, Delegate, and Trustee

“As a member of the AzDHA board and Secretary, I hope to use my experience to help
move our association forward to advance the profession of dental hygiene and enhance its
effectiveness in communicating with the Arizona dental hygienist”.



Education: Phoenix College, Grand Canyon University
Master’s degree: Arizona State University

Industry Volunteerism:
AzDHA President, 2017-2018
AzDHA Treasurer, and Vice President
Component Membership, Component Trustee, Speaker of the House

Experience: 25 + years as a clinician, 10+ years consulting with a national organization,
software sales/training, and currently in Graduate Dental Education.
My clinical experiences taught me to appreciate what our members deal with in private and
corporate practice. As a dental and dental hygiene educator, I have been privileged to
impact the lives of future generations. I am passionate about the future of dental hygiene,
and forever grateful for the benefits it has granted me.

“My professional relationships, work/life experiences, and past AzDHA involvement, fuel my
desire to continue my voluntary service to our association. I have learned some things along
the way, among them: Shared values and clear vision + collaborative strategic planning +
strong-willed determination, provide a formula for our profession to evolve and grow. I am
honored to serve on the AzDHA Board of Directors and welcome your input as we travel
together in the year ahead”.



Education: Rio Salado School of Dental Hygiene, Northern Arizona University, and Grand
Canyon University

Industry Volunteerism:
Rio Salado Student Chapter President, MOLAR Member, Mission of Mercy, Community
Ambassador, Advocacy Committee and Diversity and Community Affairs Council with
Mountain Park Health Center. National Network of Oral Health Access Member (NNOHA).

Experience: Started dentistry in 1985 in New Mexico as a dental assistant, completed my
schooling for dental hygiene in 1999. Have worked most of my career in private practice.
Received my bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene and went on to complete my master’s
degree in public health. Currently work as an Affiliated Practice Dental Hygiene for
Mountain Park Health Center where we have developed a pediatric dental integration
program and work solely within the pediatric department.

“My decision to obtain my master’s degree was to bridge the gap between oral health and
overall health. I have been given an opportunity to work with the pediatric physician and
together we have strived to make a difference in oral health for children. My overall goal is
to get more access for adults by reaching out through grants and advocacy. I believe that
being a part of the AzDHA can aid me in this goal. The other board members have helped
me understand how important one’s membership can be in gaining access to care. As
treasurer, I saw first-hand where the dues go and hope to motivate future hygienists to join
the association. Together we will be stronger!”



Education: Ferris State University, Siena Heights University

Industrial Volunteerism: 
Board of Directors 2017_present, Delegate for Southern Arizona Dental Hygienists’
Association (SADHA), Member of Flying Samaritans 2014-present

Experience: 24+ years as a clinician, currently working full-time

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the
other for helping others.” — Audrey Hepburn

Phebe Blitz, RDH, MS


Eduation: University of Michigan BS, Columbia University MS

Industry Volunteerism: 
ADHA delegate from 3 states. DHASNY President, AZDHA President, ADHA
Commission on Quality Assurance, Chair; Council on Education, IFDH Board of Directors
representing New Zealand.

Experience: I have loved my over 50 years in dental hygiene practice, education and
administration, consulting and training. I have learned so much and made valuable
friendships along the way. I get joy from watching students and new hygienists grow and
develop. I’ve seen many changes in our profession and I look forward to the future. We
have much to offer!

“Each person we meet is our teacher and our student”

Jeanette Lalli, RDH


AAS in dental hygiene: Phoenix College, AA: Phoenix College

Industry Volunteerism/Leadership:
Student ADHA Chapter Secretary,  AzDHA communication’s committee (newsletter and social media), AZMOM, Sjogren’s Walk, Children’s ACT Fair, Oral Cancer Walk, URSA Student Leadership Recipient, Colgate Student Total Achievement Recognition Award

I am a recent graduate who has been practicing clinical hygiene for over a year. I love what I do every day and am driven to positively impact my patients and community. The lessons my patients teach me every day brings me joy. I have always had a passion for leadership and compelled to serve my community. I have been very fortunate in having many mentors throughout my education who have aided, inspired, and pushed me to become an advocate and leader in our association and community. For this, I am forever grateful. These fearless mentors opened my eyes to how important advocacy in our association is by protecting and advancing our scope of practiced in dental hygiene, as well as aiding in the access to oral health to the public. I want to motivate and inspire others just as my mentors have done for me. I look forward to the bright future of our profession and association.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”, -Mahatma Gandhi.