AzDHA “serve’s the components in their jurisdictions by informing them of national policies and programs, monitoring legislation and providing continuing education” (ADHA, Organizational Structure, 2017).

Our Vision

We envision that dental hygienists will integrate into the healthcare delivery system as essential primary care providers.

Mission Statement

The Arizona Dental Hygienists’ Association’s mission is to advance our profession and support our members’ success in order to improve oral and overall health.

Advance our profession and support our members’ success in order to improve oral and overall health.

Meet the Board

Jeanette Lalli, RDH

AzDHA President

AAS in dental hygiene: Phoenix College, AA: Phoenix College, IAOM

Industry Volunteerism/Leadership:
Student ADHA Chapter Secretary, AzDHA Communication’s Committee (newsletter and
social media), AzDHA Impact Conference Committee, AZMOM, Sjogren’s Walk, Children’s
ACT Fair, Oral Cancer Walk, URSA Student Leadership Recipient, Colgate Student Total
Achievement Recognition Award, ADHA Delegate, ADHA’s Unleashing Your Potential,
AzDHA Leadership Workshop

I graduated in 2018 from Phoenix College with my Associates of Science in Dental Hygiene.
I practiced in clinical hygiene for 2 years and currently work with Spear Education. I have
most recently started my certification process in myofunctional therapy. I love what I do
every day and am driven to positively impact our dental community and patients. I have
always had a passion for leadership and been compelled to serve my community. I have
been very fortunate in having many mentors throughout my education who have aided,
inspired, and pushed me to become an advocate and leader in our association and
community. For this, I am forever grateful. These fearless mentors opened my eyes to how
important advocacy in our association is by protecting and advancing our scope of practiced
in dental hygiene, as well as aiding in the access to oral health to the public. I want to
motivate and inspire others just as my mentors have done for me. I look forward to the
bright future of our profession and association.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”, -Mahatma Gandhi.

Valery Brady

AzDHA Vice President

Phoenix College – AAS in Dental Hygiene
Phoenix College Advisory Council Member 2017
Eastern Suffolk BOCES – Dental Assisting
Skills USA Championships; 1st place NY State winner (Dental Assistant) 2002
Skills USA Championships; National Finalist (Dental Assistant) 2002

Industry Volunteerism:
ADHA Delegate 2021
AzDHA BOD & Secretary 2021
Policy & Bylaws Task Force 2020
ADHA Alternate Delegate 2020
AZMOM, ACT Kid’s Health Fair, Give Kids a Smile – Tucson

I began my career in dentistry as a dental assistant in 2003. The 12 years I spent in that role
shaped my love for the field and inspired my strong ethical ideals. I was compelled to pursue a
degree in dental hygiene and have been practicing clinically since 2017. My dream is to work in
a hospital setting, educating healthcare professionals and patients on how to achieve optimum
oral health. I am passionate about advocating for access to oral care for all and I am fortunate
to have a great mentor guiding me whom I met through ADHA/AzDHA. I believe in the power of
networking and collaboration and I’m proud that ADHA and AzDHA provide a platform for both.
I encourage anyone who has questions about the benefits of membership to reach out, I’d love
to talk with you! We have the power to shape the future of dental hygiene!

Makenna Harris

AzDHA Secretary

Northern Arizona University- BS in Dental Hygiene- Current
AAS in dental hygiene: Mohave Community College- 2018

Industry Volunteerism/Leadership:
Current ADHA Delegate, AzDHA Secretary, AzDHA Communications Chair,
Communications committee member (social media)
Past District XI Student Delegate, Website task force
Colgate Student Total Achievement Recognition Award, MCC Outstanding Student award
recipient, Student Member ADHA, SAHDA 1 st year representative, actively involved in SADHA

I want to start with gratitude. I am grateful to even be in a position in which I felt
encouraged, confident, empowered, and passionate to have run for such a position. I am currently a
proud, practicing clinical dental hygienist. Before I even knew how to complete a prophy in less
than four hours, I understood the impact our association made and how imperative it is to our
profession. It was then I discovered my passion and my desire to be involved in any way I
could fit. Since being giving the privilege to volunteer in different aspects of our association, I have
grown both professionally and personally. I have learned so much about leadership, our association, and have seen just how crucial collaboration is to growth and success. I believe one of the requirements of an effective leader is the ability to first listen. The association is only as great as the foundation of our members. My vision moving forward is not only to contribute to increasing membership but to strengthen and serve our current members, advocate for our profession we all fought so fearlessly to obtain and educate and support our students which are the future of our association.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams

Davy Nicole

Davy Nicole Evans, RDH

AzDHA Treasurer


Mohave Community College AAS Dental Hygiene 2015


Student ADHA President 2015, Alternate Delegate 2021 ADHA House of Delegates, Committee for Impact Conference 2022, AzDHA BOD: Director, Pride Walk 2022 Coordinator.


Born and raised in Needles, California In 2015, I attended Mohave Community College and obtained an AAS in Dental Hygiene. I worked clinically in Bullhead City Arizona from 2015 to 2021. Currently, I am employed with Spear Education. I have a passion for helping people and sharing knowledge. I feel very honoured and extremely excited to be here helping my colleagues and promoting the profession I love so much!  I am here to advocate for my colleagues, so that they can do what they do best, advocate for their patients.  I am extremely grateful to have been given the chance to serve you.

“Go Forth and Do Good” my Great Aunt Harriet Evans

Lynn Radler, RDH

Director at Large

Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA. Associates Degree in Science,  May 1988.

Industry Volunteerism:
2019 Southern Arizona Dental Hygienists Association – President
2009-2016 Southern Arizona Dental Hygienists Association – Secretary
2009-2010 Southern Arizona Dental Hygienists Association -Fundraising
2009-2010 Arizona State Dental Hygienists Association – Membership
1997-2009 Southern Arizona Dental Hygienists Association – Delegate

I have been a clinical hygienist for over 32 years. 5 years in Pennsylvania and 27 in Arizona. My passion for the profession and where I feel most comfortable is in the operatory. I continue to appreciate the friendships and comradery that I experienced in my various ADHA capacities and career. I very much enjoy sharing my knowledge clinically and professionally.

“Everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is a universal connection.”– Yakov Smirnoff

Shawn Everingham

Director at Large

Shawn is a Tucson native and lives in Tucson. Shawn has been a member of ADHA for 38
years and has a passion to recruit hygienists into the association. Shawn served two years
as SADHA President, SADHA Delegate, and Employment Chair. On the state level she
served a two year term as Delegate and many years on the  AzDHA Membership council.
She volunteers with Tucson Dental Community Cares formerly  HopeFest Dental  to provide
free dental services to the underprivileged residents of the community.   During Shawn's
working years as a hygienist she has practiced in General Dentistry, Periodontology,
Pediatric Dentistry and Public Health. She enjoys being retired but keeps an active hand in
the association.

Laura Corbin, RDH, AAS, BFA

Director at Large


Phoenix College: AAS Dental Hygiene, AAS Dental Assisting, Arizona State University: BFA

Industry Volunteerism:

Current ADHA Delegate, AzDHA Treasurer, Impact Conference Task Force
Past AzDHA President and Secretary, AzDHA Website task force, Governance Task Force
ADHA Unleashing Your Potential workshop
CADHA Delegate, President and Trustee, ADHA Alternate Delegate
Student member ADHA, active in SADHA, attended ADHA HOD and AzDHA HOD


Currently Clinical RDH for AZPerio, working in periodontics since 2006, providing periodontal therapy including visual SRP with the dental endoscope. Consultant, speaker,  and master trainer for OraVu dental endoscope company

“Are we having fun yet?”

Bill Griffith

Deb Goldman

Deb Goldman

Executive Director

Deb was born and raised in Florida.  She was a member of the charter Dental Hygiene class of Santa Fe College graduating in 1979.  She worked in private practice in the Tampa area.  She represented Viadent and Colgate at dental meetings throughout the country.  She has worked in Dentistry with her husband Todd since 1992, growing the meeting management, membership, and revenues of several organizations.  In 2015, she and her husband Todd took over the management of the Western Society of Periodontology expanding their focus to the West coast.  In addition to the WSP, they also manage the ISPPS, IAOCI and AMED, NvDHA dental associations.  Deb is the Executive Director of both the Nevada and Arizona Dental Hygienists Associations.  She has owned a Jazzercise Premier Center for 37 years.  She has four grown children and loves to travel.

Contact Deb on :

Pamela Larrabee, RDH, BAS, MA

ADHA District VI Trustee

Rio Salado Community College, AAS; Arizona State University, BAS;
Northern Arizona University, MA

Industry Volunteerism:
Board member and fund raiser for local component—Central Arizona Dental Hygienists’
Association (CADHA)
Communications committee for Arizona Dental Hygienists’ Association (AzDHA)
Communications Chair for AzDHA
American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) Delegate
Board Member at Large for AzDHA
AzDHA President

I have spent 10 years as a dental assistant and 21 years as a dental hygienist in clinical practice. Currently, I am a clinical instructor while still practicing in private practice.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi