Sue Smedley, RDH, BS

Education: Northern Arizona University
Industry Volunteerism:
AzDHA Treasurer, 2017
Past President – AzDHA
Past Vice President – AzDHA
Past president of the Southern Arizona Dental Hygienists’ Society
Past ADHA Delegation Chair, leading the delegates to represent AzDHA in our District and at the ADHA House of Delegates.

Experience: I retired after 30 years working as a Public Health Dental Hygienist working for a Public School District in Tucson. Public health is one of many workplace settings as well as career opportunities in education, research, sales and marketing, government and administration.
I wrote an article for the ADHA ACCESS Magazine published December 2014, about my hygiene experience working in public health.

“Dental hygiene students, new graduates and seasoned hygienists need to know about the workplace models available and how we can help expand access to dental care. Public health is a fast growing setting that should not be overlooked.It is my belief that dental hygienists will continue to be oral health care stakeholders who are working to expand access to dental care by breaking down barriers. With opportunities available in alternate settings, hygienists will remain the prevention specialists of the oral care team. With all this happening, it is so important to continue to be a member of ADHA and I am proud to represent AzDHA. I look forward to serving you in the year ahead”.

Sue Smedley, AzDHA Treasurer