“Board Bytes”

June 2018 

Welcome to “Board Bytes,” a new feature in the AzDHA newsletter designed to give members more insight into the monthly meeting of         the Board of Directors. During our  most recent meeting on June 16, 2018, we discussed many issues from advocacy to strategic               planning.   Read More



October 2018

Here’s a recap of what your AzDHA Board of Directors has been working on all summer.

Our two-day retreat was held on July 21-22. The board, led by Deb Kappes, meticulously reviewed and identified changes needed to update the AzDHA bylaws. These will be presented to members at the General Assembly on October 20. Also to be discussed that day will be the impact of dental therapy on Arizona and the dental hygiene profession. Other topics reviewed in detail at the retreat were the 2018-2019 budget and finalizing the Strategic Plan.  Read More