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The 2nd Regular Session of the 53rd Arizona Legislature (2018)

Session Overview 

The 2nd Regular Session of the 53rd Arizona Legislature convened on Monday, January 8th.  Governor Ducey outlined his priorities for the year in his State of the State address, focusing on K-12 funding and the opioid epidemic.  Governor Ducey called a special session to address issues related to the opioid epidemic on January 22nd and the legislature passed mirror bills making changes to prescribing practices and regulation of schedule II controlled substances before adjourning on January 25thRead More

Advocacy Update

Great News!!! 



HB2235 awaiting Governor Ducey’s signature


On Thursday, May 3rd, the House of Representatives voted 47 – 13 to create a licensing and regulatory structure to allow dental therapists to practice in Arizona. The vote follows the Senate’s unanimous vote on April 19th of 30 – 0.


“This bill is a win for every Arizonan. It is a win for bipartisanship, as our diverse coalition makes clear, and it’s a win for the state as a whole,” said Senator Nancy Barto, the bill’s original sponsor. “We worked hard to bring all stakeholders to the table and the result is a bill that serves as model legislation for the rest of the country.”


“Sweet victory through the power of collaboration” exclaimed AzDHA President Mary Busch upon learning of the news. “A collaborative spirit was front and center as we worked with the Dental Care for Arizona Coalition to make this happen!”

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Advocacy Update

SB1377 Dental Therapy Heads to House Health Committee

This week dental therapy legislation faces its toughest challenge yet: The House Health Committee. 

Senate Bill 1377 will be heard this Thursday, March 15th, at 9am in House Hearing Room 4. 

Since our victory in the Senate, the dental lobby has doubled down on spreading misinformation and fear among every member of the House Health Committee.  We have the facts on our side, but we can’t succeed without your help. 

Committee members MUST hear from us before Thursday. 


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Advocacy Update

SB 1377:

The bill to authorize and license a dental therapist passed out of the Senate 22-8 and has been transmitted to the House of Representatives where we begin the process all over again! While in the Senate, there have been a few amendments!

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Excess Funds in BODEX Reserves

At its December 2 meeting, the Board of Dental Examiners considered possible action on proposed options for fee and/or Board reserve fund reductions, including possible action regarding proposing legislation to authorize the Board to give grants. 
(Click to play recorded audio of 12/2/2016 meeting) 


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AzDHA Member Survey Results 2016

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In order to solicit the opinions and ideas about policy changes needed to improve the oral health of Arizonans and dental hygiene practice, the Advocacy Committee conducted a survey.



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